MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatments for Gynecologic Health

Have you experienced changes in your gynecological health since menopause?  Are you seeking relief for the uncomfortable side effects that are commonly experienced by women going through hormonal changes?  The MonaLisa Touch laser treats the uncomfortable symptoms caused by menopause or hormonal changes.  MonaLisa Touch treatments bring immediate results to improve your gynecologic health.


How Does the MonaLisa Touch Procedure Work?

How Does the MonaLisa Touch Procedure Work?

Laser vaginal revitalization with the MonaLisa Touch uses pulses of fractional CO2 laser energy to treat the common symptoms caused by genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). Gynecologic health issues can be seen in post-menopausal women as well as breast cancer survivors and women who have had a hysterectomy. With MonaLisa Touch laser treatments, you can restore vaginal health and improve your quality of life. The gentle laser energy stimulates a healing response while promoting collagen growth in the vaginal tissues to bring back natural function.


MonaLisa Touch treatments alleviate some of the most common symptoms of menopause including:


Vaginal atrophy

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal itching

Burning sensations

Painful urination

Pain during intercourse




The drop in estrogen that comes with menopause or even during breastfeeding after delivery, causes a series of problems that have a severe impact on one’s social life and personal relationships. Among the most bothersome problems is atrophic vaginitis, which is the lack of nourishment and hydration of the cells of the vaginal mucosa. This condition causes a progressive thinning of the vaginal and vulvar mucosa which then becomes more delicate, sensitive and more exposed trauma. Vaginal dryness, burning and being constantly bothered are a result of atrophic vaginitis, which is often not spoken about because some consider it a natural consequence during menopause and after childbirth. Thanks to innovative laser techniques, this problem can now be prevented and resolved in a safe and painless way.



One after-effect of atrophic vaginitis is dyspareunia – pain during sexual intercourse. An atrophic vagina is thin, fragile, lacks elasticity and above all is dry and unlubricated. This causes pain during sexual intercourse with a series of negative consequences regarding the couple’s relationship which lead to a lack of sexual desire and uneasy feelings during intimate moments with your partner. Dyspareunia can also be caused by pain in the perennial region caused by scarring of the episiotomy or after a laceration from a spontaneous delivery. Understanding the cause of the pain and using the latest generation laser treatment on the tissue is now the most effective way of resolving this symptom.



This is one of the most common feminine problems in women over 35 years of age which severely compromises their quality of life. There are various types and levels: from stress (laughing or coughing, lifting weight), urgency (involuntary loss of urine due to lack of control of the urination stimulus by the brain), mixed (incontinence from a combination of stress and urinary imperiosity) or from reflux (occurs when the bladder is so full that the internal pressure is greater than that of the urethra).Embarrassment and shame prevent one from facing the problem, which one often bears with resignation but now there are finally state-of-the-art and minimally invasive treatments that can help resolve this problem.

* Urinary incontinence is a complex problem that requires careful diagnosis

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